I Am Truth Vs Lies

Truth vs Lies
What’s in the words of a lie that comforts us and secures or inner being. Is it the reality of self worth or the ease in the words that motivates us to falsify the unjust. Lies comforts us make us feel complete. The fantasy world we live in has our make believe words seem just. Are the words thats comforting us why is it so hard to tell the truth? And will it truthfully set you free. Whats in the truth only but bitter sweet words. Is it the passion in the meaning or the simple ease in the eyes? Could it be the easiness of the tounge or the movement of your lips. Or is a lie more relevant? Well what makes it a lie if one truly believes what they say to be true.. Truth seems to hurt,breaks down the individual. With only thoughts of being rude. While lies seem to comfort.

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